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Adv. Yossi Elisha (CPA), is the founder of Yossi Elisha Calderon & Co.

Adv. Yossi Elisha is considered one of the most prominent tax experts in the State of Israel.

After serving as head of the taxation department at one of the largest law firms, and after extensive experience in the field of taxation, alongside the publication of numerous articles in academic journals, articles in the national press, participation as a key lecturer in tax conferences, Adv. Elisha is today considered a key figure in the Israeli tax sphere and as a leading figure and influence in this legal practice.

Adv. Elisha has extensive experience in managing complex tax issues, both locally and internationally, and specializes in corporate tax issues, obtaining pre-rulings from the Israeli tax authorities on various matters of taxation, VAT, income tax, real estate taxation, tax litigation and double taxation treaties with foreign countries.

Adv. Elisha’s prestigious reputation as a leading tax expert has made him a leading expert in the field, and he has been called upon to appear before Knesset committees to give expert opinions on tax legislation, which have direct influence on the public and the economic reality in Israel.

Accordingly, Adv. Elisha represents the Israel Bar Association and the Israeli Chamber of Tax Advisors before the legislator and is a regular participant in all discussions held in the Knesset Finance Committee in the field of taxation.

Adv. Elisha serves as Chairman of the National Tax Forum at the Israel Bar Association and is responsible for tax legislation and the relationship with tax authorities within the Israel Bar Association.

Adv. Elisha is a well-known lecturer in the field of taxation, and is invited to speak at all significant conferences held by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Israel Tax Bar Association, the Gazit Globe Institute for the Study of Real Estate, the Israel Directors Forum etc.

He serves as the chief mediator at the Israeli Center for Tax Dispute Resolution and has recently been appointed by the Director of the Tax Authority as a member of the committee to examine bookkeeping instructions and likewise as a member of the team to examine the reduction and efficiency of the bureaucratic burden in Israel.

LL.B., Tel Aviv University (cum laude).
BA (Accounting), Tel Aviv University (cum laude).

Hebrew, English